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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent blizzards and record-breaking rain.

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Chemical Safety

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Man wearing a long-sleeved shirt and waterproof gloves loading pesticide-contaminated clothing into a washer. Courtesy: NDSU Extension

How to Properly Launder Insecticide-Contaminated Clothes

It is important to prevent insecticide exposure from occurring when laundering contaminated or potentially contaminated clothing.

White glove made out of barrier laminate material.

Keep Your Hands Protected When Working With Insecticides!

One common misconception is that all chemical-resistant gloves provide the same amount of protection from insecticide products.

a tractor in a field spraying soybeans
Jan 08

2019 Private Applicator Certification

SDSU Extension will host Private Applicator training sessions at various locations across South Dakota.

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orange reflective safety triangle on a piece of farm equipment

Safety & Training

Covering the range from animal handling to equipment safety, including training and certification to keep producers and their workforce productive.

screened image of South Dakota State University campus with News text

Reducing Insecticide Exposure: Proper Laundering of Contaminated Clothing

December 19, 2018

To prevent accidental insecticide exposure, applicators need to take appropriate, precautionary steps when it comes to the care of their clothing following application, explained Adam Varenhorst, Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Field Crop Entomologist.

Chemical Safety

screened image of South Dakota State University campus with News text

Results of Off-Target Herbicide Research Data

December 19, 2018

Following the 2017 growing season, where many complaints over dicamba reached state Department of Agriculture offices across the nation, researchers from land grant universities set out to conduct a study assessing off-target movement of post-applied dicamba products - Engenia and Xtendimax.

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screened image of South Dakota State University campus with News text

Insecticide Safety: How to Prevent Unnecessary Exposure

December 19, 2018

Insecticide applications occur year-round to manage insect pests that would otherwise reduce crop yields, damage stored grain or infest houses and other structures.

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