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Series of trophies on display at a 4-H contest.

Why 4-H?

Reasons why 4-H is a great option for South Dakota youth

silhouette of a woman meditating. sunset in the background.

Mindful Moments

Hot sheet with mindfulness practices for youth

Youth campers working on a project together

Life Skills in South Dakota 4-H

Life skills are tools people use to deal with daily situations, make important decisions and enhance their quality of life.

A father, mother and daughter walking in a field in the countryside.

Talking With Teens and Youth During Challenging Times

Youth are regularly faced with uncertain situations, disappointments and potential mental health challenges. It is important for caring adults in their life to be able to know how to talk to them during these times.

Youth being fitted with a bike helmet.

4-H Bike Rodeo and Safety

Overview document including complete lesson plans for a 4-H Bike Rodeo and Safety program to make youth aware of the importance of riding their bike.

4-H member working on a robotics project

Youth Development

SDSU Extension's youth development programs help prepare youth to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood.

Group of children playing rock in fist

Traditional Native American Games: Beat Boredom

Traditional Native American Games might be just the activity you are looking for to bring the whole family together (and cut down on excess screen time)!

A mother with two children video chatting on a tablet.

Staying Socially Connected During COVID-19

Public Health authorities recommend the practice of social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But what is social distancing, and how can we stay connected during this time?

Adult female drawing in a sketchbook.

Mental Health and Creativity

Did you know that there are health benefits to being creative? It’s true! Even simple creative acts, such as coloring, have health benefits.

Series of trophies on display at a 4-H contest.

South Dakota 4-H Social Skills Circular newsletter

South Dakota 4-H Social Outcome newsletter for 4-H families and club leaders