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Harvested cornfield in winter.


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

green plant growing in a field with small grains growing on the ends

Proso Millet Trial Results

In 2020, proso millet trials were conducted in 1 location in South Dakota.


Cover Crops

The benefits of planting cover crops are numerous. 

A map of South Dakota with yellow and green circles indicating iverson risks at various locations throughout the state.

Use the SD Spray Tool for Inversion Detection and Weather for Pesticide Application

The SD Mesonet Spray Tool provides real-time weather data for pesticide applicators. This dedicated website for pesticide applicators uses the SD Mesonet weather data, which is updated every five minutes.

Earthworms on the soil surface inside a white hard-plastic ring, after mustard-vinegar solution was drained down through the soil profile forcing earthworms out onto the surface in order to be counted.

How’s Life in the Soil? Ask (Count) the Earthworms.

Earthworms are ‘very special’ creatures on earth, and their contribution in soil nutrient cycling and fertility management has been acknowledged from the beginning of agriculture. So, the question needs to be asked, how can we help improve earthworm populations?

Two rows of corn at V5 leaf growth stage looking down from above. Between the corn rows there are 3 separate cotton strips placed on the soil surface just before burial in a 2-inch-deep trench. The cotton strips are numbered for their identification after recovery at three different dates.

Cotton Strip Soil Test: Rapid Assessment of Soil Microbial Activity and Diversity in the Field

Soil has always been considered as a living system due to its biological components: fungi, bacteria and plant roots. Under several ongoing research projects, we started researching how we can use ‘cotton strip assay’ to compare different cover crop mixes to optimize field soil activity and build up better soil health.

Field with purple flax flowers

Herbicide Residual Effects on Cover Crops after Wheat

Fact sheet about herbicide residual effect on cover crops after wheat.

Green cover crop growing within yellow wheat stubble.

Cover Crop Considerations When Dealing With Soybean Cyst Nematode

With the soybeans being harvested a little earlier than usual this year, some producers are finding themselves making management decisions that include cover crops. For soybean producers dealing with soybean cyst nematode in their fields, selection of cover crops is important since some of these can be hosts for soybean cyst nematode.

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land

Barley Variety Trial Results

In 2019, Barley trial was planted at one location in South Dakota.

Online Cover Crop Decision Tool Now Available

September 10, 2020

As interest in cover crops has grown significantly among crop and livestock producers in the region, species selection and establishment times have remained a major topic.