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Blizzard & Extreme Cold

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Winter wheat field coverd with snow

Effects of Snow on Wheat

Even though snow that comes with the onset of cool temperatures can be a nuisance for our daily activities, it can benefit a winter wheat crop a great deal.

Wheat, Soil Health, Crop Management, Blizzard & Extreme Cold

A house-shaped safe.

Prepare Your Finances for Emergencies

When emergencies occur, such as fires, tornadoes, or winter storms, what financial records do you need to take with you or get quickly?

Family Finances, Blizzard & Extreme Cold

Winter emergency kit in trunk of car.

Winter Car Kits

Prepare a winter car kit to keep yourself safe when traveling during the winter.

Family Finances, Blizzard & Extreme Cold

A snowy yard outside a red, brick house.

Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

Take steps to reduce your energy usage in the winter by checking your home.

Family Finances, Blizzard & Extreme Cold

cattle out on a snowy white day

Cold Weather Challenges

Cattle producers are about to embark on a week of record low temperatures across the Upper Midwest. Even cattlemen who have experience calving in these conditions may benefit from a review of preparation recommendations as calving season continues this week.

Beef Cattle, Blizzard & Extreme Cold, Animal Health

snow plow clearing a highway

Are you ready for winter? ¿Està listo para el invierno?

The first winter experience can be a challenge if you don’t know what is ahead, except for that there will be snow and cold. Some simple tips will help you survive the snow, ice and low temperatures.

Blizzard & Extreme Cold

A snowy farmyard with sunlight breaking through the clouds.

Help Prepare Farm Employees for Winter Conditions

January 28, 2019

Cold and snow create challenges for everyone, especially for employees who may not be familiar with extreme cold.

Health, Blizzard & Extreme Cold

Are your farm employees ready for low temperatures?

Winter is here and snow and icy roads will increase the risk for accidents. Getting ready to leave the house and going to work on the snow and ice might be a problem for inexperienced people.

Blizzard & Extreme Cold, Farm/Ranch Human Resources

A group of calves in a feedlot with ample bedding.

Managing Cattle Through Winter Weather Conditions

Winter weather conditions often present challenges to cattle managers in the Northern Plains. Although we can’t alter the weather, there are management steps that can be taken to help maintain cattle health and performance.

Beef Cattle, Blizzard & Extreme Cold, Animal Health

orphaned calf being bottle fed

Managing Orphaned Calves After a Blizzard

With careful management and proper nutrition, calves orphaned by challenging winter weather can perform similar to calves still on the cow.

Beef Cattle, Animal Health, Barns, Blizzard & Extreme Cold, Animal Welfare