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Winter Car Kits

Prepare a winter car kit to keep yourself safe when traveling during the winter. Assemble the kit for all of your vehicles. Keep them in the vehicle all winter and replenish as needed.

Items to Include

The kit should include:

  • Basic electronics: pack an extra phone charger and battery pack. Also include a long-lasting LED flashlight, battery operated AM/FM radio with extra batteries.
  • Clothing: include layers you can add or remove, plus lightweight rain gear and waterproof boots.
  • Food and drinks: Bottled water is essential. Granola or energy bars are great because they are small and filling.
  • First aid kit that includes any essential medication.
  • Blankets and extra hats, mittens and scarves.
  • Battery booster cables or a portable jump starter.

Some other items to include are hand warmers, a basic toolbox, a shovel, a bag of sand or other grit for traction, tow cable or chain, road flares and reflectors

Other Considerations

Call ahead to your destination and let people know your departure time, the route you will travel, and your expected time of arrival.

If stranded, never leave your vehicle. Your chances of survival greatly increase if you stay put.