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Community Wellness Coalitions

Updated April 20, 2022

Lindsay Moore

SDSU Extension Community Health and Obesity (HOP) Program Director

Diverse group of community members attending a fitness class.

Addressing South Dakota's wellness challenges takes a statewide effort beginning with community-level conversation and engagement. Community wellness coalitions bring together community-based organizations, stakeholders and wellness experts to identify the wellness challenges facing South Dakota communities and address them through resources, programming and wellness opportunities tailored for their unique needs.

South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension is proud to support the growing number of wellness coalitions statewide by offering expert support and a wide variety of wellness programming designed to address the unique wellness challenges facing South Dakota communities. View the following information to learn more about getting started with a new or existing wellness coalition today, or use the button below to contact us for more information!

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Community Champion Spotlight

Headshot of Marcella Yellow Hammer

Marcella Yellow Hammer

Job Title: Community Champion

Community Name: Standing Rock

Years as a Community Champion: 6 years

What has been your greatest achievement as a Wellness Coalition Champion? "Our greatest achievement would be our Wakanyeja Garden that has been getting better and bigger.  Nathania has gotten so many things to make the garden look more home like with the table, chairs, garden tools decorations and the beautiful murals on the walls.This past year we had a great variety of vegetables and flowers and I can't wait to see what we will add next summer!" - Marcella Yellow Hammer 
About the Champion: "Marcella is familiar with the community, land, people and environment in the Standing Rock Area.  She is very well respected in the community and does an outstanding job at the Boys and Girls Club.  I have enjoyed working with her and she is my right hand person. We couldn’t ask for more!  I have enjoyed working with her, I look forward to our phone calls each week.  I am so proud of her learning how to “zoom” she is amazing! I look forward to many more years together!" - Nathania Knight, Extension Associate 

About Wellness Coalitions

Community wellness coalition meeting in a board room.

What Is a Wellness Coalition?

Learn answers to some common questions about community wellness coalitions and SDSU Extension's supporting programming and services.

Female fitness instructor assisting an adult female at an outdoor gym.

What Is a Community Champion?

Learn more about community champions and the important roles they play in community wellness coalitions.

Blue map of South Dakota with white stars representing communities with active wellness coalitions, including: DeSmet, Dupree, Fort Thompson, Lower Brule, Lake Andes, Martin, Rapid City and Wagner.

What Communities Have Wellness Coalitions?

View a complete list of active community wellness coalitions throughout South Dakota.

 SDSU Extension Programs for Wellness Coalitions

South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension has a wide array of programming that focuses on enhancing physical activity and nutrition within the community. Some common initiatives wellness coalitions may choose to implement are:

Physical Activity


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