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Double Up Dakota Bucks

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Originally written by Jennifer Folliard, former SDSU Extension Family & Community Health Field Specialist.

Double Up Dakota Bucks doubles the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, benefits when used on fresh fruits and vegetables. Double Up Dakota Bucks is supported by SDSU Extension, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Fair Food Network.

Double Up Dakota Bucks is a grant-funded pilot program that benefits farmers, low-income families, and retailers! Double Up Dakota Bucks doubles the value of SNAP dollars spent on fresh produce. For every $1 spent on fresh fruits and vegetables, $1 is matched, up to $20 per customer, per visit.

Families, farmers, and local retailers all benefit from Double Up Dakota Bucks! Families are able to stretch their SNAP food dollars with the purchase of healthy foods, farmers sell more produce, and local retailers get more business! 

  1. SNAP/EBT participants visit a participating retailer:
  2. Earn Dakota Bucks by purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and produce with SNAP funds.
  3. Return to the retailer to redeem Dakota Bucks, doubling the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and produce you can purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a customer purchase other SNAP eligible items in the same transaction when earning or redeeming Double Up?
Yes, other SNAP eligible items will ring up at regular price, and Double Up eligible items will be matched $1 for $1, up to $20. 

Is there a limit on the amount of Double Up customers can earn at one time?
Yes, a limit of $20 per visit, per customer. 

Can a customer get cash back instead of a $20 coupon?
No, cash cannot be used in place of the coupon. One of the goals of this program is to encourage the purchase of fresh produce.

Can a customer use more than one coupon in one transaction?
Yes, more than one coupon can be used at one transaction to go towards the purchase of fresh produce.

Why isn’t this program available for non-EBT customers?
This program is aimed at helping those disproportionately affected by nutrition, particularly children and families.

Why isn’t this program available in all stores/towns?
Right now this is a grant-funded pilot program.

Are WIC participants eligible for Double Up Dakota Bucks using their cards?
No, currently only SNAP/EBT users are eligible for this program.

Can customers using an EBT card from another state earn Double Up Dakota Bucks?
Yes, but the coupons can only be redeemed at participating retailers.

“People are keeping track of them and using them (coupons) later in the month when their SNAP dollars have been expended, and having the opportunity to get great fruits and vegetables to take home to their families.”

— Danielle Michaelson, Rolla, ND Farmer’s Market manager

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