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Adopt a Cow

Written collaboratively by Sara Koepke and Kelly Brandlee. Project director - Christine Wood

The “Adopt A Cow” program virtually takes students to Garfield Dairy near Bryant, SD. Students follow their “adopted” cow and calf through-out the school year. The program starts right after the cow gives birth and follows the cow and calf through different stages of growth and development throughout the school year.

The “Adopt A Cow” program is an excellent opportunity for students to interactively learn how food gets from farm to fork while having fun. In addition to updates on their cow/calf, videos will include content designed to meet state curriculum standards. Content is geared towards 3rd-5th grade learning levels. The “Adopt A Cow” program is a collaboration between SD county 4-H programs and Riverview, LLP.

Facilitators using an online platform, from experience can use a pre-developed training created by South Dakota State University 4-H Youth Program Advisors and Riverview LLP.