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Tong Wang

SDSU Extension Advanced Production Specialist


Harding Hall 201
Economics-Box 2220
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007

Tong supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as an SDSU Extension Advanced Production Specialist located in Brookings.

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SDSU Campus

Also by Tong Wang

Farmer observing no-till field at sunset.

Carbon Markets and Opportunities for Farmers

There is growing interest in paying farmers for regenerative agricultural practices as a means for sequestering carbon. Learn about some of the benefits and challenges that carbon capture opportunities offer for producers.

Producer moving a small group of cattle in a rotational grazing system.

Management-Intensive Grazing Plays a Key Role in Expanding Grass-Based Agriculture

By improving livestock carrying capacity and reducing feed costs, grazing strategies at greater management intensity have the potential to improve grass-based livestock production profits.

Rows of soybean growing in corn residue in a diverse, no-till crop rotation.

Economics of Different Crop Rotation Systems in South Dakota

Economic returns are an important factor to consider when selecting crop rotation systems.