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Anna Tvedt

SDSU Extension Nutrition Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Mitchell Regional Center
1800 E Spruce
Mitchell, SD 57301

Anna is a registered dietitian with a masters degree in nutrition and exercise sciences. She partners with multiple state and regional organizations and communities to implement healthy food access initiatives. These initiatives include farm to school, nutrition incentive programs, breastfeeding-friendly business initiative, and more. As a Nutrition Field Specialist, Anna provides nutrition expertise to South Dakotans statewide. 

State & Regional Offices

Mitchell Regional Center

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SDSU Extension encourages South Dakotans to join annual Crunch Off event

September 05, 2023

The South Dakota Crunch off celebrates local produce and SDSU Extension’s Farm to School programs with a friendly interstate competition to see which state’s residents can encourage the most residents to eat local fruits and vegetables from Sept. 18 to Oct. 13.

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