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4-H Veterinary Science Project

male youth participating in an artificial insemination demonstration

The veterinary science 4-H project area connects a love for animals with an interest in science. Explore the many careers in animal and veterinary science, study the health and anatomy of animals, understand animal health in relation to humans, and learn through experience how to care for an animal. Whether you’d like to become a veterinarian or just want to learn more about your pet, this project area provides the opportunity to learn all about animals.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners learn the differences between breeds of different species, the nutrition and exercise needs, animal welfare and ethics, and the basic anatomy of a species. Learn through experience by focusing on your own animals.


Study animal disease prevention, signs, and treatment and understand biosecurity measures. Know the habitat/living conditions for a species, and be able to maintain health records for your animals.


Begin exploring careers in veterinary and animal science. Understand normal/abnormal animal behavior, genetics and reproduction for different species, and the importance of quality assurance and food safety.

4-H Programming Priorities


Using your expertise on animals, help other 4-H members with their animal projects and with showmanship or quiz bowl knowledge.

Health & Wellness

Animals need exercise, just like humans. Learn the physical activity needs for your animal and ways to incorporate that into your own exercise routine.


Understand animal anatomy and physiology and learn how vaccines and medications work to prevent and treat diseases.


Promote the livestock industry by sharing your knowledge and experience with animals.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Describe normal behaviors for a species
  • Discuss biosecurity practices on your operation
  • Describe your experience shadowing a veterinarian
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Community Service

  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Organize a pet first aid class
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Career Connections

  • Small or large animal veterinarian
  • Vet tech
  • Animal geneticist
  • Livestock nutritionist
  • Veterinary anesthesiologist
  • Veterinary surgeon

Exhibit Ideas

  • Display on the body systems of a species
  • First aid kit for large or small animals
  • Journal of experiences shadowing a veterinarian
  • Display on the nutrition needs for your livestock
  • Poster showing correct vaccination techniques