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4-H Entomology & Bees Project

Butterfly with white and black wings resting atop a pink flower

Interested in learning more about the creatures that make life possible? The entomology project area is just for you! Whether you recognize it or not, insects play an important role in our everyday lives. Did you know that without honeybees, we might not have all that delicious food on our table? Learn more about the amazing world of insects and arthropods! Learn which insect live in the soil, on plants, in homes, and on pets, even starting an insect collection of your own!

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners learn about the basics of insects, what classifies something as an “insect,” learn about biodiversity in insects and the most common orders and families of insects. Older members may start to collect and identify insects.


Juniors learn about tools that entomologists use, continue their insect collections, and learn about insects that may be in their houses. Older members may also start to learn about beekeeping with the help of a local beekeeper.


Senior members learn about the different careers associated with entomology, identifying orders and families of insects, integrated pest management, and forensic entomology. Senior members can manage honeybee colonies on their own.

4-H Programming Priorities


Members can mentor a younger member new in the project area, lead a community service project, or present a workshop to their club.

Health & Wellness

Members can teach their fellow club members about the benefits of using honey rather than sugar or how insects are vital to food supplies.


Learn about the different orders and families insects are in, along with the vast differences in each species of insect.


Members can contact a school teacher and give a presentation about insects and how they are vital to food supplies and pollination.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Teach someone the parts of an insect
  • Demonstrate how to make an insect collection net
  • Communicate the benefits of insects in our lives
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Community Service

  • Plant a pollinator garden in your community
  • Help a local entomologist with a “bug” day to teach about insects
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Career Connections

  • Entomologist
  • Educator
  • Beekeeper
  • Researcher
  • Forensic entomologist (law enforcement)

Exhibit Ideas

  • Display about insects parts
  • Insect collection
  • Diary of insect observations
  • Display about insect collection tools
  • Insect collection of invasive species
  • Design a pollinator garden
  • Collect honey from your beehive