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4-H Bicycle Project

a group of five 4-H youth. two males and one female are on bicycles. two female youth are standing in the background.

Riding a bicycle is great for transportation and a fun way to exercise! Whether you like biking with friends, riding for transportation, or fixing bicycles, the 4-H Bicycle Project could be the perfect match for you! Learn the essentials for getting started safely and successfully, including how to choose a bike, bike maintenance and repair, and road rules to make riding safe and fun. Participate in a race or bike the Centennial Trail. Take off with the 4-H bicycle project and discover the joys of riding a bike.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners can control their bike while balancing, starting, and stopping. Recognize traffic signs and their meaning. Demonstrate how to signal and balance while turning. Select bicycle safety equipment and demonstrate how to fit a helmet.


Identify bike parts and purposes. Select the right size bike and make adjustments to fit a bike correctly. Check bicycle tires, brakes, and chains. Make emergency turns safely. Locate and identify cycling hazards. Plan a bike trip.


Seniors are able to find the cause and fix a flat tire, replace brake cables, and shift gears efficiently. Remove, clean, lubricate, and replace a bike chain. Plot a bike route. Ride safely in traffic and at night.

4-H Programming Priorities


Leading a bicycle safety training workshop, hosting a bike rodeo, or planning a fun club bike trip are all ways to practice your leadership skills.

Health & Wellness

Bicycling is a good way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. It is also a fun form of exercise the whole family can enjoy!


Look at the mechanics of a bike. Why are the gears the size they are? How do the parts of a bicycle work together to turn the wheels and move the rider forward?


Riding a bike is a great way to lower your carbon footprint. Learn to read maps and create your own of your favorite bike routes.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Demonstrate safe cycling skills
  • Illustrated talk on repair and maintenance of a bicycle
  • Plan and participate in cycling events
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Community Service

  • Plan a charity bike ride
  • Pick up trash along a bike path
  • Do basic bike repairs for others
  • Help a child learn how to ride a bike
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Career Connections

  • Sales & service
  • Outdoor education
  • Parks and recreation
  • Exercise specialist
  • Bicycle repair shop owner/manager
  • Mechanical engineering

Exhibit Ideas

  • Posters: benefits of cycling, local bike routes
  • Demonstrations: proper bike size, bicycle safety, hand signals
  • Decorate your bike’s water bottle
  • Participate in bike tours or races
  • Document bike rides with photos, journals, or a scrapbook