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Weed Control: Pulse Crops

Updated March 22, 2021

Paul O. Johnson

SDSU Extension Weed Science Coordinator

Written collaboratively by Paul O. Johnson, David Vos and Jill Alms

Herbicide Suggestions

Information in this publication is based on South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station research and other research or observations. Herbicides are included only after the chemical is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as to residue tolerance in crops used for food or feed.

There is no intent to specify product performance guarantee, such agreements involve the labeler and user. Users are responsible for following all label directions and precautions.

Rates. Rates for each treatment are stated as the amount of product per acre. All rates are on a broadcast basis. Labeled rates for the range in soil types and suggested rates based on SDSU tests are also stated. These rates have provided acceptable weed control under favorable conditions.

Tank-Mixes and Combinations. Selected tank-mixes are listed for several herbicides where specific products and rates are given on the label. Most interpretations allow mixing unless prohibited; however the user assumes responsibility if the specific combination is not shown. There may be additional tank-mixes for special situations.