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Weed Control Field Test Data

Updated January 19, 2024

Eric Jones

Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Weed Management Specialist

Additional Authors: Paul O. Johnson

Written collaboratively by Eric Jones, Paul O. Johnson, Dave Vos, and Jill Alms

Weeds are present in row crops every growing season. Weeds need to be effectively controlled to ensure maximum crop yield. Herbicides are the primary tool to control weeds in row crops. Herbicides can provide differential control across weed species. Therefore, it is critical that appropriate herbicides are selected for effective weed control. Provided is a compilation of South Dakota State University row crop weed control data from 2021-2023 for use as a reference by stakeholders to select appropriate herbicide(s) for problem weed species in various crops. The data books should be used as a reference; always consult the herbicide label before application for specific use restrictions.