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Content by Warren Rusche

Heat-stressed cow in feedlot.

Heat Stress Forecasting Apps Available

Early summer heat stress in feedlot cattle is often triggered by rapid changes in temperature and humidity before cattle become acclimated to warmer conditions. Learn about some management tools that you can use to protect your herd.

Large groups of mixed cattle in a feedlot.

SDSU Extension Encourages Cattle Feeders to Attend Feedlot Tour July 19-20

In an effort to provide cattle feeders and producers the opportunity to view a variety of cattle feeding facilities and practices, Warren Rusche, SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management Specialist, in collaboration with the South Dakota Cattle Feeders Council, an affiliate of the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association, have coordinated a feedlot tour July 19-20.

A tall grassy warm season cover crop blend grown in South Dakota.

Using Annual Cover Crops and Forages in Lieu of Row Crops

Although there are many factors to take into consideration, annual forages and cover crops can be an excellent tool to mitigate challenging planting seasons.

Storm debris in a pasture.

Dealing With Storm Debris in Pastures and Hay Fields

Storm debris in pastures and forage-producing fields can pose a significant health risks to livestock. Learns some expert tips for mitigating risks and protecting your animals.

Grain bin damaged by a windstorm.

Salvaging Feed Grain From Damaged Storage Structures

The windstorm that hit South Dakota on May 12, 2022 left an extensive damage in its wake, including damage to grain bin structures. Taking prompt action can help minimize value loss in stored grain.

Tractor pulling manure a spreader through a harvested crop field.

Using Feedlot Manure to Reduce Crop Production Costs

Livestock waste can be a valuable source of crop nutrients when correctly managed. Taking a strategic approach to feedlot manure application can increase the value of manure as part of your overall system.

Group of mixed cattle behind a feedlot fence.

Last Chance to Register for Interstate Cattle Feeders Day

November 22, 2021

Sponsored by SDSU Extension and the University of Minnesota (UMN) Extension, the program highlights several timely topics addressing key feedlot production issues.

Several red angus cattle feeding at a feed bunk.

SDSU, UMN Extension to Host Interstate Cattle Feeders Day

October 26, 2021

Cattle feeders from South Dakota, Minnesota and northwest Iowa are invited to attend an Interstate Cattle Feeders Day Dec. 7 at the Holiday Inn Express Event Center in Brandon, South Dakota.

Black angus heifers in a green pasture.
Dec 07

Interstate Cattle Feeders Day

South Dakota State University Extension will be holding the Interstate Cattle Feeders Day, a conference for Cattle Feeders looking to take advantage of profit opportunities, on Dec. 7, 2021, at the Holiday Inn Express Event Center in Brandon, South Dakota.

Drought-stressed cornfield.

Valuing Drought-Stressed Corn Silage

Salvaging a failed crop as silage to feed to livestock can be a “win-win” for both the crop grower and livestock owner. Relying on actual data rather than assumptions improves the odds of finding a value that is fair to both parties.