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Content by Cindy Schnabel

Close-up of a grass lawn during drought

Lawn Care During a Drought

Maintaining a lawn during a drought takes a bit more care than usual. Learn some helpful tips to keep turf healthy during the worst periods of any extended dry spell.

Several Hosta shoots ready for division.

Dividing Perennials in the Fall

Dividing overcrowded perennial plants in your landscape can help ensure a long and healthy plant life. Learn which plants benefit from fall division and view a step-by-step guide for getting started!

Glory of the Snow, Daffodil, and Allium blooming in three gardens.

Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

Fall is the time to plant cold-hardy bulbs in South Dakota gardens. This will ensure that your landscape will have a variety of color, size, and bloom types the following season.

Bleeding heart, lenten rose and Virginia blue bell flowers.

Shade-loving Perennials for South Dakota Gardens

Selecting beautiful perennial plants for a shaded location does not need to be challenging or leave you with boring options. Learn about some shade-loving perennials that are known for their fun foliage or attractive blooms.

Yard and garden damaged by high winds.

Never Underestimate Mother Nature

We know that weather is unpredictable, and every gardener will eventually have to deal with damage caused by weather. Learn some tips that will help you give your plants a fighting chance after extreme weather events.

Hostas growing under filtered light beneath a tree.

Hosta: A Shade-loving Perennial

Hostas, known for their foliage and love of shade, have developed into a coveted landscaping staple. Learn how to select, plant and grow a hosta that's right for your garden or landscape!

Bright green, smooth Hosta leaves, and ferny foliage with bright red peony flowers in a garden.

Dividing Perennials in the Spring

Many beautiful perennials are hardy to South Dakota. Dividing perennials is an easy, inexpensive and reliable way to propagate your favorite perennials and keep them growing for years.

Green leaves emerge from the soil as old brown stems are falling over in a garden covered in brown leaves.

Spring Garden Maintenance

With a little planning and foresight, spring garden preparation can be a manageable task that allows you to enjoy working outside while waiting on warmer days for planting.

Very young tomato plants with only two leaves growing from potting media inside of black packs.

The Basics of Seed Starting for Flowers and Vegetables

Have you ever thought about starting your own flowers or vegetables from seeds, but you don't know where to start? Learn some expert tips to start growing them at home today!

Gardener re-potting several seedlings that were started indoors over winter.

Winter Garden Education Opportunities To Cultivate Your Curiosity

Anxious to get your garden off to a good start this spring? Explore some resources and learning opportunities to grow your gardening knowledge this winter!