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Planting Soybeans

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Harvested cornfield in winter.


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

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SDSU Extension is your partner to increase yields and improve efficiency.

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Sunflower & Oilseeds

There are times when sunflower producers need unbiased answers. That’s what we are here for.


Cover Crops

The benefits of planting cover crops are numerous. 

Two large grain bins next to a recently harvested field of soybeans.

Managing Production Costs To Boost Soybean Profitability

Soybeans are one of the major crops in South Dakota in terms of both acres planted and sales values. To determine the potential to increase net profit from soybean production, individual producers are encouraged to compare their own yields and input costs with benchmark levels.

Red combine harvesting corn at an SDSU Extension CPT plot.

Using Data for Better Seed Selection

As harvest wraps up across the region, winter preparation and planning for next year begins. Yield trial results are a key component when making sound seed selection decisions.

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Soybean Variety Trial Results

11 location reports are available for soybean, conventional soybean and liberty link soybean crop performance testing results.

A small pile of harvested non-gmo soybeans on a grey cloth.

Want a Premium Price? Weed Control In NON-GMO Soybeans

Many emotions set in on farmers that hear the word “non-GMO”, but it could help them in times like today when prices are low for many farm products in South Dakota.

Harvested corn field with field pennycress throughout.

Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Plans Should Include Proactive Weed Management

While soybean cyst nematode can be managed through use of resistant varieties and crop rotation, presence of alternative weed hosts can negate the benefits of these practices by providing a host for soybean cyst nematode to continue to accumulate in the soil.

Green cover crop growing within yellow wheat stubble.

Cover Crop Considerations When Dealing With Soybean Cyst Nematode

With the soybeans being harvested a little earlier than usual this year, some producers are finding themselves making management decisions that include cover crops. For soybean producers dealing with soybean cyst nematode in their fields, selection of cover crops is important since some of these can be hosts for soybean cyst nematode.