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Tulips blooming near the entrance to McCrory Gardens.
May 22

Garden Discovery Festival @ McCrory Gardens

Join us on May 22 for the 2022 Garden Discovery Festival at McCrory Gardens in Brookings, featuring plant sales, interactive booths, guided garden tours and expert-led workshops!

Snowdrop flowers blooming in a garden in late winter.

Flowers & Ornamental

Everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of flowers and ornamental plants with some simple recommendations.

Four Top-performing annnuals: Sunflower ‘Suncredible® Saturn™, Verbena ‘Superbena® Imperial Blue™’, Sweet Alyssum ‘Violet Knight™’ and Coleus ‘ColorBlaze® El Brighto.'

2021 McCrory Gardens Trials: A Look Back at Top-Performing Garden and Container Annuals

Let’s take a look at the ten top-performing annuals during the 2021 McCrory Gardens Trials! Results feature the top six in-ground annuals and the top four container grown annuals.

A lush green bush with bright pink flowers.

Peony: A Great Option for Early Blooms in South Dakota

Peonies are an early-summer blooming plant that thrives in South Dakota. Learn how to select, plant and care for peonies in your landscape this gardening season!

Bright green, smooth Hosta leaves, and ferny foliage with bright red peony flowers in a garden.

Dividing Perennials in the Spring

Many beautiful perennials are hardy to South Dakota. Dividing perennials is an easy, inexpensive and reliable way to propagate your favorite perennials and keep them growing for years.

Four top-performing perennial plants: Phlox ‘Opening Act Pink-a-Dot,’ Ornamental Onion ‘Serendipity,’ False Sunflower ‘Tuscan Sun,’ and Coral bells ‘Dolce® Wildberry.’

2021 McCrory Gardens Trials: A Look Back at Top-Performing Perennials

Are you looking for new ideas of what to grow in your garden? Let’s take a look at the six top-performing perennials as judged during the 2021 growing season at McCrory Gardens!

Green leaves emerge from the soil as old brown stems are falling over in a garden covered in brown leaves.

Spring Garden Maintenance

With a little planning and foresight, spring garden preparation can be a manageable task that allows you to enjoy working outside while waiting on warmer days for planting.

Variety of cool-season, flowering plants, including: African Daisies, Petunias, Lobelia and Alyssum.

Cool-Season Flowering Annuals for the Garden

Flowering annuals that thrive in the cool weather can bring a gorgeous array of colors, shapes and sizes to your garden for early-season enjoyment! Learn about some great selections for South Dakota gardens.

variety of fresh vegetables in basket

Family Fun With Gardening

Gardening is a fun way to incorporate physical activity into your day, and is a great way to connect kids to where their food comes from!

Large patch of grab grass growing on lawn.

Is Crabgrass Taking Over Your Lawn?

Each year homeowners and businesses typically find crabgrass invading their lawns. If you desire a nice lawn, you may not be happy about this. Crabgrass can be a bit tricky to control—especially after it has established itself for the season.