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variety of flowers growing in a yard

Flowers & Ornamental

Everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of flowers and ornamental plants with some simple recommendations.

a shrub-like plant green leaves and dark purple, grape-like fruit

Fruit Variety Recommendations for South Dakota

Fruit variety recommendations for home fruit growers in South Dakota

Variety of South Dakota native plants.

A Guide to Collecting, Pressing, and Mounting Plants

Fact sheet on collecting, pressing and mounting plants

a green melon hangs on a trellis

SDSU Extension to host Corn and Melon Disease Workshop at SDSU Southeast Research Farm

August 08, 2023

Field corn, sweet corn and specialty melon growers looking to learn more about identifying and managing common diseases in their crops are invited to attend the South Dakota State University Extension Corn and Melon Disease Workshop.

Tulips blooming near the entrance to McCrory Gardens.

McCrory Gardens Trial Report aids in flower selection

June 20, 2023

The 2022 McCrory Gardens Trial Report, issued this spring by South Dakota State University Extension and McCrory Gardens, helps South Dakotans choose flower varieties that do well in local conditions.

Woodland Phlox and Dame’s Rocket.

Plant Look-Alikes: What’s the Difference Between Phlox and Dame’s Rocket?

Distinguishing between native phlox flowers and the invasive dame's rocket can be challenging due to their similar appearances. Learn some key characteristics that can help you tell dame's rocket apart before it invades your property.

Patch of phlox with white, speckles throughout the leaves due to spider mite feeding.

Spider Mites on Garden Phlox

During warm, dry weather, spider mites are a common pest of phlox, causing speckling, bronzing, and yellowing on leaves due to feeding behavior. Learn how to identify and manage infestations before they impact your garden.

Many small, thin insects on a yellow background with a mechanical pencil tip for scale.

Invasion of the Western Flower Thrips

Recent southerly winds brought large numbers of western flower thrips to the eastern third of South Dakota. Learn how to identify and manage this pest before they become a problem in your yard and garden.

Tulips blooming near the entrance to McCrory Gardens.

McCrory Gardens Trial Report 2022

Trial report for McCrory Gardens

Four top-performing perennial plants: Phlox ‘Opening Act Pink-a-Dot,’ Ornamental Onion ‘Serendipity,’ False Sunflower ‘Tuscan Sun,’ and Coral bells ‘Dolce® Wildberry.’

2021 McCrory Gardens Trials: A Look Back at Top-Performing Perennials

Are you looking for new ideas of what to grow in your garden? Let’s take a look at the six top-performing perennials as judged during the 2021 growing season at McCrory Gardens!