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Mother and daughter examining plant at McCrory Gardens.

Lesson 1 - Getting the Garden Growing

Introductory gardening lesson where youth will learn what plants need to grow and what fruits and vegetables grow in different seasons in South Dakota.

Green leaves emerge from the soil as old brown stems are falling over in a garden covered in brown leaves.

Spring Garden Maintenance

With a little planning and foresight, spring garden preparation can be a manageable task that allows you to enjoy working outside while waiting on warmer days for planting.

Young tomato plants surrounded by organic mulch in a no-till garden.

Weed Control in No-Till Gardens

Mulch is the key to successful weed control in no-till gardening. It is best to start a no-till garden in the fall to give applied mulch the time to breakdown and suppress any weed growth.

A picture of a lawn showing a ring of dark green grass in the middle of the lawn due to fungi in the soil.

Fairy Rings in Lawns

Seeing greener grass in circular pattern in your lawn? This is not due to uneven fertilizer application, but rather due to a fungi feeding on decomposing matter and releasing nitrogen in the affected areas.

Gardener deeply watering a vegetable garden in the early morning.

Protecting Plants From Heat Stress

When summer temperatures soar with no sign of a break, it is hard on humans and plants. Learn some tips that will help protect plants from heat stress, including soil protection, watering considerations and providing shade.

Garden plant surrounded by a layer of wood chip mulch.

Organic Garden Mulches To Conserve Moisture and Prevent Weeds

If you want to reduce time spent in your vegetable and flower gardens watering or pulling weeds, consider mulching the soil surface with an organic material to improve plant health and your enjoyment of the garden.

Young man shoveling a pile of compost.

Organic Gardening: Soil Management

Gardeners throughout South Dakota are experimenting with organic gardening. While the adoption of organic gardening methods can be daunting, learning some fundamental soil management concepts will set the foundations for success.

Oscillating sprinkler, soaker hose and button drip emitter.

Options for Watering Home Gardens and Landscape Plantings

Ensuring that your garden plants receive adequate water throughout the growing season does not have to be overwhelming. There are a variety of water management options available to make the process easier.

Drip irrigation system set up in a home garden.

Vegetable Gardening During a Drought

In a drought, getting water to plants is a priority. The following management tips will help you efficiently use water and maximize other gardening practices to achieve a healthy and productive garden.

Young woman watering a drought-stressed flower garden.

Gardening Tips During a Drought

Drought conditions present challenges for gardeners, but it's still possible to grow things by modifying gardening techniques to keep established plants growing and provide a good environment for new plants.