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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent blizzards and record-breaking rain.

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Garden soil

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fruit and vegetable garden with raised beds

Fertilizing Gardens in South Dakota

Publication about fertilizing gardens in South Dakota

bunches of Aronia berries still on a bush

Soil Testing for Vineyards in South Dakota

Not all soils are conducive to growing quality grapes, so prospective vineyard sites should be tested before a decision is made to plant grapes. Tests can identify soils that are either too high in pH, salts, or salinity, or that are “too rich” (too high in organic matter and nitrogen) for grapes. In addition, testing before planting allows for the incorporation of nutrients—such as phosphorus—that do not move easily through the soil to plant roots.

A hand holding a soil sample taken from a soybean field.

Soil Testing Labs

This page contains a list of nearby state or private laboratories that can be used for crop production fields, gardens and lawns.

sprawling green weed with pink flowers on heads

Spring Annual Weeds

There are a number of weeds that pop up very early in the spring and even start flowering before most other plants have shown any signs of growth.

Maple leaf branch with green to yellow leaves

Why Are The Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

Chlorosis, a condition where the leaf veins remain green but the surrounding foliage turns pale green or yellow, is a common occurrence on certain tree species in South Dakota.

small garden plot with small rows and two wooden tomato cages

Tips to Make More Efficient Use of Your Garden Space

If you don’t have much garden space it is important to get the most from what space you have available.

tree wrapped inp lastic near planting hole

Planting Bare-Root Trees

Bare-root is an excellent means of planting a tree.

a long, worm-like caterpillar with small black spots and white markings

Achemon Sphinx Moth Caterpillars

Achemon sphinxe caterpillars (Eumorpha achemon) feed on wild grape, Virginia creeper, and related vines.

hand examining clump of soil organic matter

Soil: It’s Not Just Dirt

Most soils are complex ecosystems with worms, insects and microscopic organisms, which all work together in helping plants grow.

copper colored hose with a small hole in the middle. water is dripping from the hole.

Watering Options For Your Garden

Even in a year with normal rainfall, most people will have to water their gardens at least once in a while to get them through the dry periods.