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Beef Quality Assurance Transportation materials.

Cattle Transportation Updates

During the November 7th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, updates regarding several livestock transportation topics were shared by two presenters. Chase DeCoite discussed the Beef Quality Assurance Transportations (BQAT) certification program. Allison Rivera provided brief updates on the discussions happening in Washington D.C. around electronic logging devices (ELD), truck weights, and hours of service for truckers.

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orange reflective safety triangle on a piece of farm equipment

Safety & Training

Covering the range from animal handling to equipment safety, including training and certification to keep producers and their workforce productive.

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A red tractor driving on a county highway with an orange triangle sign on the rear.

Farm Equipment, Safety on the Road, Everyone’s Role

It is National Farm Safety Week (September 16-22nd) which also serves as a safety reminder for those involved in agriculture. Silage harvest has been going for a couple of weeks and soybean harvest has started in parts of South Dakota.

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A Dairy Manager working with an employee to determine breeding protocols on the SDSU Dairy Research and Teaching Unit

Coaching for Performance

One of the most difficult things for farm managers/owners to master is coaching employees for optimal performance.

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screened image of South Dakota State University campus with News text

Understanding When to issue a 1099 Tax Form

December 18, 2018

A 1099 needs to be issued to any individual a farmer or rancher paid $600 or more to during 2017, who is not a full time employee.

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A manure pit at a dairy farm.

Putting Manure Handling Safety Into Practice

As agricultural livestock producers, we should know the dangers of manure pit gases. We should know they can be toxic and even deadly. The gases referred to are methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

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A manure pit in a dairy facility.

Understanding Manure Storage System Safety Risks

Many producers know and understand the risk associated with confined manure handling systems but accidents and deaths still occur because unwarranted risks are taken as manure is being handled and removed from the confined manure handling systems.

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Two dairy employees working with dairy cattle health supplies.

Prevention of Needlestick Injuries in Livestock Production

Within agricultural production a good share of livestock producers perform routine veterinary work themselves. This includes administering vaccinations or treatments for common disease or sickness. A result of performing this type of work there is increased risk for injury do to a needle stick injury.

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A cattle trailer.

Bovine Emergency Response Plan (BERP) Program

The scene of an accident is not the place to build your team! The BERP program was the featured discussion for the May Animal Care Wednesday Webinar.

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A group of dairy cattle inside a dairy barn.

Handling Reminders for Dairies: Training Resources

Sources of handling stress are accumulative in cattle. Stockmen can have a positive impact on the amount of stress cattle experience by planning ahead and being realistic about allowing adequate time to get things done well.

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