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A group of dairy employees having a discussion around a barbecue grill.

Employee Turnover: It Is Important in Agriculture Also

Lots of conversations in agriculture lately focuses around labor or the lack of a labor pool of employees. This is the case not only for dairy farms, but also within the entire agriculture industry.

two men viewing a laptop on the hood of a white pickup

Beef Quality Assurance

South Dakota producers have the option to receive beef quality assurance (BQA) certification.

man inspecting livestock covered livestock burial pits following a winter storm

Guidelines for Livestock Carcass Disposal in South Dakota

Even though every producer tries their best to keep all animals born alive, there will always be death loss in livestock production systems.

row of lockers with several employee jackets, hats, and clothing hanging outside.

10 Simple Amenities That Will Boost Employee Morale

Agricultural employers who prioritize their work environment and offerings often have employees that are more satisfied and proficient at their work.

Are your farm employees ready for low temperatures?

Winter is here and snow and icy roads will increase the risk for accidents. Getting ready to leave the house and going to work on the snow and ice might be a problem for inexperienced people.

Beef Quality Assurance Transportation materials.

Cattle Transportation Updates

During the November 7th Animal Care Wednesday Webinar, updates regarding several livestock transportation topics were shared by two presenters.

orange reflective safety triangle on a piece of farm equipment

Safety & Training

Covering the range from animal handling to equipment safety, including training and certification to keep producers and their workforce productive.

A red tractor driving on a county highway with an orange triangle sign on the rear.

Farm Equipment, Safety on the Road, Everyone’s Role

It is National Farm Safety Week (September 16-22nd) which also serves as a safety reminder for those involved in agriculture. Silage harvest has been going for a couple of weeks and soybean harvest has started in parts of South Dakota.

A Dairy Manager working with an employee to determine breeding protocols on the SDSU Dairy Research and Teaching Unit

Coaching for Performance

One of the most difficult things for farm managers/owners to master is coaching employees for optimal performance.

male dairy worker greeting a crowd of people inside a dairy processing facility

Preparing to Host a Farm Tour

Taking the time to prepare for a farm tour will result in a positive experience for those attending your farm but will also help build relationships with consumers of our products.