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Male and female rancher reviewing clipboard in a cattle barn.

COVID-19 Tips for Farms and Ranches

Continuing to keep employees and family members healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic will require extra effort as you enter the busy time of fall harvest.

Dec 18

2020 Ag Economic Dialogues: December

Are you a farmer or rancher dealing with beef cattle? Join us for a free webinar for cattle considerations.

South Dakota agricultural landscape painted with Spring colors and a setting Sun.
Nov 20

2020 Ag Economic Dialogues: November

Are you a farmer or rancher dealing with beef cattle? Join us for a free webinar for cattle considerations.

Young, female rancher observing beef cattle in a pen.

Capitalizing on Cow Costs: Part 2

In a previous article, ‘Capitalizing on Cow Costs’ reducing feed costs to improve cow efficiency was discussed. To continue the conversation, another area of cost reduction is in cull cows, bulls and calf death loss.

Rancher holding a notepad beside a feed bunk.

Capitalizing on Cow Costs

Feeding cows is one area of consideration when analyzing the cost of keeping a cow through her production year. Through small management choices, we can decrease the cost of the cow while maximizing on opportunities.

Farmer signing a lease on the tailgate of a pickup.

Oral Lease Agreements Automatically Renew September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020 is the automatic renewal date for all oral land lease agreements in South Dakota. Per South Dakota codified law, landowners and renters must notify all parties involved in the existing lease, in writing, by September 1.

Young rancher taking a flock inventory outside a sheep pen.

CFAP Deadline Extended and Sheep Category Added

As part of the CARES Act, many agricultural producers were introduced to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). Due to the number of commodities that filed additional information, many commodities were added to the list of eligible products, including the addition of a sheep classification “all other sheep.”

Red-brown colored weevil with bent antennae originating on the elongated mouthparts.

It’s Time to Start Scouting for Red Sunflower Seed Weevils

In South Dakota, sunflower flowering is getting underway. That means it is time to start scouting fields for red sunflower seed weevils.

Dairy Farm Employees gather around at a formal training meeting on a dairy farm to learn new information. Courtesy: Heidi Carroll

Optimizing Meetings on the Farm

No one wants to have a meeting for the sake of having one. So, when you decide to have a meeting with your employees, keep a few of the following suggestions in mind.

a windmill in front of a sunset

SDSU Extension to Hold Workshops for Beginning Farmers/Ranchers Looking for Land

August 04, 2020

SDSU Extension will host Farmland for the Next Generation, an eight-week virtual workshop series, beginning August 31.