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Producers reviewing paperwork in a farm office.


Modern agriculture requires savvy financial planning and strategy.

I-29 Moo University

Farm Programs During COVID19: Making Government Programs Work for You

October 15, 2021

The I-29 Moo University webinar series continues with a presentation by Megan Roberts, Minnesota Extension Ag Business Management Specialist, on Wednesday, November 4.

Male and female rancher reviewing clipboard in a cattle barn.

COVID-19 Tips for Farms and Ranches

Continuing to keep employees and family members healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic will require extra effort as you enter the busy time of fall harvest.

Dutch Dakota Dairy at Lake Preston South Dakota is inundated with snow after a recent blizzard that has made farm facility access very difficult due to extreme snow depth. Courtesy: Truus Schukking

Available Disaster Resources Given Recent Weather Events

Given the recent havoc endured by producers in the upper mid-west by the spring blizzard or even prior flooding we are aware that many producers have incurred losses. There are several programs available through the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service to help provide assistance.

A group of dairy employees having a discussion around a barbecue grill.

Employee Turnover: It Is Important in Agriculture Also

Lots of conversations in agriculture lately focuses around labor or the lack of a labor pool of employees. This is the case not only for dairy farms, but also within the entire agriculture industry.

Dairy Farm Employees gather around at a formal training meeting on a dairy farm to learn new information. Courtesy: Heidi Carroll

Optimizing Meetings on the Farm

No one wants to have a meeting for the sake of having one. So, when you decide to have a meeting with your employees, keep a few of the following suggestions in mind.

Producer and USDA agent reviewing CFAP 1.0 application.

USDA: CFAP 1 Program Payment Benefits to Producers

In examining the USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 1.0 website, we are able to directly see the impact of the program and the payments made to producers across the country.

Two people having a conversation, one being the herd manager and the other the employee in a dairy free stall barn.)

Coaching vs. Evaluations To Improve Ag Employee Performance

One of the most difficult things farm managers have to master is coaching employees. Using appropriate coaching methods with employees will help you as a manager to achieve the desired employee performance you are looking for in your operation.

Screenshot of the SDSU Extension Net Income Tool displaying Corn Expected Net Income Per Acre for East Central South Dakota.

South Dakota Grain Net Income Tool

South Dakota producers can use the SDSU Extension Net Income Tool to monitor their expected net income per acre given their location, commodity of interest, and changes to market prices. The tool gathers the most-recent end-of-day market prices to determine the latest expected net income for wheat, corn, and soybeans in the different regions of the state. 

A farmer observing an unplanted field at sunset.

2020 Planting Decisions

Planting decisions for this spring are complicated given the recent spread of COVID-19. A very busy planting season is approaching quickly. Input suppliers and farmers will be met with a requirement to complete tasks timely to evade economic losses from delays.