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Vast, sprawling cornfield.

Large Farms Continue to Dominate South Dakota Crop Production

Based on the 2022 U.S. Census of Agriculture, large-scale farms operate more than two-thirds of the total cropland acres in South Dakota. Learn some expert insights about the trends driving this development.

Sun rising over cropland.

Crop Diversity Changes in South Dakota: 2017-2022

According to the recently released 2022 Census of Agriculture, crop diversity has slightly increased in South Dakota over the past five years (2017-2022).

Tractor planting seed in a no-till field.

Conservation Practices Increasing in South Dakota

The recently released Agricultural Census data of 2022 shows that the share of cropland acres under conservation practices has continued to increase in South Dakota.

A man reviewing an information packet on creating a last will and testament.

End of Life Documents You Should Have in Place

COVID-19 infection and mortality rates fill the news programs. Across South Dakota and the nation, people are have made changes to their lifestyle and the way they accomplish many everyday activities. In response to this illness and the potential for long-term hospitalization and even death, individuals over 18 should also ensure their end of life documents are up-to-date.

Producers reviewing paperwork in a farm office.

Ag Business

Modern agriculture requires savvy financial planning and strategy.

A young couple reviewing their family budget on a clipboard.
May 21

International Farm Transition Network - Being Intentional With Your Capital

SDSU Extension and the International Farm Transition Network (IFTN) will hold an online training session on May 21 at 10:00 a.m. CDT. This session will help business owners and families take a closer look at the role life insurance can play in their financial lives by utilizing strategies most are unaware of.

Sunrise over South Dakota farmland.
Jun 05

International Farm Transition Network - Annual Conference

The 2024 International Farm Transition Network (IFTN) Annual Conference will take place June 5-6 in Richmond, VA.

Producer entering data into a calving app on his smart phone.

Calving Apps: Beyond the Barn

There are many calving apps available for smart phone users, and finding the right one can be challenging. Learn some expert tips on selecting the right one to accomplish your operation's goals.

Three calving books on display: Rite in the Rain book, SDSU Extension IRM Redbook, and the K-State cow/calf record book.

Calving Books: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Calving books are an essential record-keeping component for cow-calf operations. Learn some expert tips for finding a book that best suits your operation and employees.

Ranch family examining a red calving record book near a herd of cattle.

Calving Records 101

Complete and well-maintained calving records provide valuable information that can be used to improve and evaluate operations. Learn some expert tips for getting your records off to a great start this calving season.