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The Dish: Real Talk About Food

Updated October 08, 2020
Kimberly Cripps

Kimberly Cripps

SDSU Extension Family & Community Health Field Specialist

Woman putting bowl with vegetables in microwave oven.

The Dish: Real Talk About Food is a direct education intervention designed to increase participants' daily intake of fruit and vegetables; whole grains; fat-free or low-fat dairy products; decrease daily intake of sodium; improve food resource management, food safety practices, and physical activity.

The interactive micro-lessons are self-paced, and the mobile-nature of many Internet-accessible devices (i.e., smartphones) encourages learning at the point-of-decision making, such as engaging in quick decision guide lessons in a grocery store. Additionally, the asynchronous “anytime, anyplace” lessons aim to mitigate traditional barriers to attending in-person classes, such as issues with transportation, variable work schedules, and child-care limitations.

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  1. Five Tips to Enjoyable Eating
  2. The Allure of Convenient Food
  3. This Grocery Shopping Hack Saves You Money Every Time
  4. Don't Throw Away Your Food or Your Dollars
  5. Stress Less About Mealtime
  6. Meal Prep Like a Pro
  7. 11 Tips to Maximize Your Time at the Grocery Store
  8. Stocking Your Kitchen With Staples
  9. Online Grocery Shopping Is a Game Changer
  10. What Should Be on My Plate?
  11. Seasonal Meal Planning: Summer
  12. Reduce Screen Time and Be Active
  13. 20 Plants to Grow in Your Container Garden
  1. Simple Snacks for Your Family
  2. Microwave Cooking
  3. Can I Buy This With My EBT?
  4. Seasonal Meal Planning: Spring
  5. Seasonal Meal Planning: Fall
  6. Seasonal Meal Planning: Winter
  7. How to Buy Produce for Half Price
  8. That's a Great Choice Decision Tree
  9. Best Ways to Store Your Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  10. Mix Things Up By Adding Variety
  11. Kids in the Kitchen
  12. Seasonal Produce Calendars

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