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Better Choices, Better Health® SD

Updated September 06, 2023

Megan Jacobson

SDSU Extension Health Promotions Specialist BCBH

Additional Authors: Lori Oster
Women hugging with quote "As a caregiver, I took the Better Choices Better Health Workshop Cancer: Thriving and Surviving to better understand the cancer journey my loved one was going through. What I didn't realize was how much this program also impacted my personal health and wellbeing." Michelle Call 1-888-484-3800

Better Choices, Better Health® SD offers chronic disease self-management education workshops that are designed to help adults living with ongoing physical and/or mental health conditions and caregivers understand how healthier choices can improve quality of life, boost self-confidence and inspire positive lifestyle changes.

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People can participate:

  • Virtual (Zoom)
  • Mailed Toolkit with Weekly Leader Calls
  • In-person (resuming this Fall)

Languages available:

  • English (all workshops): Call 1-888-484-3800 to register.
  • NEW! Spanish (Chronic Disease Self-Management Program): Call 1-605-681-6878 to register.

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Managing Chronic Conditions

  • Cancer: Thriving & Surviving (CTS) workshops are designed to help adults living with cancer and caregivers manage physical and mental health.
  • Chronic disease workshops are designed to bring adults living with different physical and/or mental health conditions and caregivers together to learn new ways to problem solve, create action plans and manage multiple chronic conditions.
  • Chronic pain workshops are for adults living with chronic pain. Participants will learn about the differences between acute and chronic pain, how to pace activity, prioritize rest, and balance life.
  • Diabetes workshops are designed for adults living with pre-diabetes, type-2 diabetes, and caregivers. Special emphasis will be placed on monitoring, identifying symptoms of hypoglycemia, preventing complications, foot care and menu planning.
  • Worksite chronic disease workshops are supported by employers for their employees to discuss the challenges of balancing work and a chronic condition. Participants will learn new techniques to manage their health conditions, and how to balance work and home life with an emphasis on stress management.

Our Programs


These group workshops will be offered over six weeks and will specifically focus on different health conditions including chronic disease, chronic pain, cancer or diabetes. The 2 ½ hour weekly sessions will be held via Zoom and led by two BCBH-SD certified leaders. Workshop groups will be limited to six to 12 participants and each participant will receive a free supplemental book and CD.

BCBH-SD @ Home 

A self-study approach, this six-week program will help participants and caregivers learn techniques for managing chronic conditions. The small group, one-hour weekly phone check-ins will be led by a certified BCBH-SD leader. Participants will also receive a toolkit which includes a supplemental book, relaxation and exercise CDs, self-guided study resources and a pre-test.

Fit & Strong! @ Home

Offered as an eight or 12-week exercise program, each session of Fit & Strong! @ Home will include aerobic exercise and strength training with ankle weights as well as group discussion and education. The 1 ½ hour sessions will be held two to three times each week and will be led by two certified instructors.

Take a Step & Walk With Ease 

A self-directed six-week walking program, this workshop also offers optional weekly zoom sessions to further discuss and learn strategies for walking safely and setting walking goals. The 30-minute, live-group weekly sessions will be held via Zoom and led by two Walk With Ease, CPR certified leaders. A free Walk With Ease guidebook and walking resources will also be offered to participants.


If you are interested in our workshops and would like to be notified when one is scheduled in your area, complete the form below.

About BCBH


Chronic disease affects quality of life, has a huge economic impact, and increases the need for healthcare services. BCBH SD is a community-led evidence-based program modeled after Stanford University’s chronic disease self-management program.

Chronic disease self management education programs were developed and tested in a randomized, controlled trial by the Patient Education Research Center at the Stanford University School of Medicine. All components of the workshops have been medically approved. Stanford received a government research grant to develop community-based self-management education programs that assist people with chronic illnesses. Research was completed in 1996. For a more in-depth history of these programs, visit the Self Management Resource Center.

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