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Megan Jacobson

SDSU Extension Health Promotions Specialist BCBH


SDSU Extension Mitchell Regional Center
1800 E Spruce St
Mitchell, SD 57301

Megan serves the citizens of South Dakota as an SDSU Extension Health Promotions Specialist Better Choices, Better Health ® (BCBH) South Dakota based in Mitchell.

State & Regional Offices

Mitchell Regional Center

Also by Megan Jacobson

An extended family having a picnic at a park on a summer day.

What Does Getting Older Have To Do With the Food We Eat?

As we get older, some of our nutritional needs change. Understanding how our nutrition needs change over time can help us stay healthy and prevent disease as we get older.

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Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity While Aging

There are many barriers that can impede regular fitness routines as we get older. Learn some strategies for when barriers pop up so you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle regardless of your age.

Man holding his wrist, which is afflicted with arthritis.

Registration Open for Chronic Disease Self-Management Lay Leader Training

July 27, 2021

South Dakota State University Extension is offering a virtual Better Choices, Better Health SD Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Lay Leader Training Aug. 19 to Sept. 30.