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Best Management Practices for Sunflower Production

Edited by Febina Mathew, Ruth Beck, Patrick Wagner and Adam Varenhorst


The first edition of “Sunflower Production” was published by South Dakota State University (College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences and Cooperative Extension Service) in 2000 (Grady, K. 2000. Sunflower Production. Extension Circulars. 478.). This publication replaces the first edition of “Sunflower Production”. The purpose of this production guide is to update information on commercial sunflower production and pest management for sunflower farmers in South Dakota. However, the information can apply to other sunflower producing areas of the United States. Recommendations for pesticides labelled on sunflower are provided in the South Dakota Pest Management Guide for Alfalfa & Oilseeds. This pest management guide is updated every year and has the list of chemicals labeled for use on sunflower in South Dakota.




The editors of the sunflower production guide are grateful to the South Dakota sunflower producers as well as the contributors from South Dakota State University, North Dakota State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for writing different sections of this publication.


This publication was developed through funding from SDSU Extension and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Crop Protection and Pest Management, Applied Research and Development Program support through grant 2017-04417.


This publication was published in cooperation with the South Dakota Oilseeds Council. South Dakota Oilseeds Council logo