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Patrick Wagner

SDSU Extension Entomology Field Specialist

Also by Patrick Wagner

Four green caterpillars feeding on a leaf of green kale.

What’s chewing on my kale?

Cabbage white caterpillars can be a nuisance in kale and other cold crops, leaving behind ragged-looking leaves and a significant amount of droppings. Learn some expert tips for identifying and manage them before they take a bite out of your harvest.

A female Hessian fly on a blade of wheat.

Hessian Fly: Winter Wheat Planting Date Considerations

As winter wheat planting rapidly approaches, there are many factors that should be considered. One of those factors is choosing a planting date to avoid Hessian fly issues. Learn some expert tips for selecting a safe planting date for your region.

Brown slug on a green leaf leaving behind a whitish trail of slime.

Slugs: The Slimy Defoliators

Have you noticed defoliation in your garden accompanied by distinct trails on plant leaves? The culprit could be slugs, a common pest that can be found during during cool, wet weather and in certain garden micro-climates.