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Warren Rusche

SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management Associate

Also by Warren Rusche

A South Dakota Mesonet station in a snow-covered field.

SD Mesonet Livestock Stress Tool

Weather conditions in the Northern Plains can present more than a few challenges for livestock producers. From below zero or blizzard conditions during winter or even spring, to heat waves in the summer months, farmers and ranchers need to be prepared for rapidly changing conditions to provide the best care for their livestock and minimize their risks of losses.

herd of mixed cattle in a dry lot

SDSU Beef Day to be Held Jan. 16

December 27, 2019

Want to learn what work is being done to help solve problems the producers in our state are facing?

Beef Cattle

A group of black heifer calves in a feedlot.

Choosing the Right Custom Feeding Partner

Custom cattle feeding can be a “win-win” strategy when done correctly. Feeding someone else’s cattle provides a method to market feedstuffs without tying up the capital required to own the livestock.