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Warren Rusche

SDSU Extension Beef Feedlot Management Associate

Also by Warren Rusche

Group of mixed calves in a feedlot.

Calf Value Discovery Program

The Calf Value Discovery Program enables cow-calf producers to assess the value of their cattle in value-based marketing systems and gain valuable carcass and feedlot performance information to aid in management decisions and improve profitability.

A large, yellow automatic cattle waterer installed in a feedlot.

Water: The Unappreciated Nutrient

Water intake is strongly linked to feed intake, so any factors that cause cattle to drink less will lead to reduced feed intake and consequently reduced performance.

Rancher holding a notepad beside a feed bunk.

Capitalizing on Cow Costs

Feeding cows is one area of consideration when analyzing the cost of keeping a cow through her production year. Through small management choices, we can decrease the cost of the cow while maximizing on opportunities.