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4-H Social Recreation Skills Project

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Let’s get outdoors! Hiking, camping, fishing, and canoeing are just a few things you can do outside to get in touch with nature. Explore the possibilities and have something to exhibit at your fair. The social recreation skills project area enables youth to gain a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors and nature.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Start by choosing their adventure and items needed to carry out a day hike. Learn basic first aid and nature safety rules and explore the ideas of basic nature etiquette.


Plan an overnight trip for peers or family (hiking, camping, or fishing). Learn the differences in supplies needed for a longer adventure and practice appropriate nature etiquette on the trip.


Plan a multi-day trip (camping, hiking, canoeing, or fishing). Prepare for their multi day adventure (food, clothing, cooking, emergencies, etc.). Share your outdoor knowledge and nature etiquette rules.

4-H Programming Priorities


Planning for an outdoor activity gives youth responsibility and leadership roles outside of normal everyday activities.

Health & Wellness

Outdoor activities would increase the health and wellness of all youth by incorporating physical activity.


Social recreation skills allow youth to explore science in a real life outdoor setting.


Youth will recognize that agriculture is part of nature!

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Illustrated talk on nature trails in your area
  • Demonstrate how to safely start a fire
  • Illustrated talk on "Leave No Trace"
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Community Service

  • Volunteer to mow and clean trails at state parks
  • Plan an afterschool program to explore nature in your town
  • Volunteer to be a camp counselor
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Career Connections

  • Park ranger
  • Natural resources conservation district
  • Wildlands firefighter
  • Hunting lodge and guide service

Exhibit Ideas

Educational displays or posters:

  • Nature trails
  • Hiking essentials
  • Leave no trace
  • Care of camping gear
  • Picking a camping site
  • Fishing lures

Learning Resources