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4-H Leadership Skills Development Project

three female 4-H youth standing with and older adult male official

While “leadership” is a common term, how many people have a real understanding of it and can be an effective leader? The leadership skills development 4-H project area is designed for youth to identify and achieve the skills needed to be a good leader. These skills can be developed through experience in a group setting or leadership position or by participating in activities focusing on communication, organization, responsibility, and teamwork.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Plan and lead a fun activity for your local 4-H club. Look for and participate in activities to work on responsibility, teamwork, and communication/public speaking. Teach another member about a new project area or skill.


Run for office in your local 4-H club or join your county 4-H junior leaders group. Identify characteristics of a good leader. Give a public presentation. Learn parliamentary procedure and skills in decision making.


Apply for the State 4-H Ambassador program. Attend a leadership camp or workshop. Learn about different leadership styles and identifying strengths/weaknesses. Build on interview and communication skills. Teach a workshop for 4-H members.

4-H Programming Priorities


Take advantage of any opportunity to lead. You don’t have to hold an elected position; lead a service project or serve on a committee or team.

Health & Wellness

Pledge your health to better living. Be a role model for healthy lifestyles by promoting healthy habits, a balanced diet, and the importance of physical activity.


Learn about the 4-H National Youth Science Day and lead a team to participate in the challenge.


Use your leadership skills to communicate about and promote the agriculture industry.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Speak about parliamentary procedure to be used in 4-H club meetings
  • Demonstrate skills in communication, decision-making, and goal setting
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Community Service

  • Assess community needs, then plan and lead a service project according to those needs
  • Lead team building activities for your 4-H club
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Career Connections

  • Sales
  • Human resources
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Retail
  • General management

Exhibit Ideas

  • Display describing different leadership styles
  • Scrapbook of leadership positions you’ve held
  • Poster on parliamentary procedure
  • Display describing a community service project you coordinated
  • Written goals for developing your leadership skills