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4-H Fashion Revue Project

female 4-H youth wearing an orange western-style outfit with a white cowboy hat

In the fashion industry, the runway show is the means designers use to introduce new fashion collections as a form of visual merchandising. The art of coordinating an outfit to fit your body, lifestyle, budget and wardrobe will help as you dress for a lifetime. The fashion revue contest provides 4-H youth an opportunity to develop interview and personal presentation skills through judge interaction. A public style show, the culminating event, showcases youth’s creativity and style.

Ages and Stages of Youth Development


Beginners gain confidence by talking to judges about their clothing choices, whether purchased or constructed. Young models will understand appropriate styles, clothing care methods, and basic consumerism concepts with adult guidance.


Juniors share clothing choices, purchased or constructed, with judges. There is a shift toward completing appropriate styles with accessories, as well as understanding their closet inventory. Juniors are role models for younger members.


Seniors are seen as experts; they confidently present a well-coordinated and appropriately accessorized outfit, achieving an overall total look. Members know their closet inventory and make choices accordingly, considering garment care.

4-H Programming Priorities


Through the experience of interviewing, event planning, writing and delivering fashion commentary, 4-H youth develop leadership skills and self-confidence.

Health & Wellness

Utilizing time management skills, individuals avoid stress by meeting deadlines. Healthy choices allows confident presentation in a variety of clothing styles.


Youth utilize technical skills by programming the operating system within their machine. Fiber tests are used to determine fabric content.


Natural fibers are plant and animal by-products. Clothes constructed of these fabrics stimulates ag-based economy and emphasizes ‘farm to clothing rack’ concepts.

Get Involved

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Youth Voice

  • Write fashion commentary and narrate public style shows
  • Demonstrate completion of wardrobe inventory
  • Discuss purchasing clothes on a budget
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Community Service

  • Conduct a clothing drive
  • Teach children basic sewing skills
  • Organize your club to make tie fleece blankets
  • Organize a city-wide garage sale
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Career Connections

  • Fashion merchandising
  • Apparel designer
  • Model
  • Professional dry cleaner
  • Clothing entrepreneur
  • Tailoring
  • FACS teacher

Exhibit Ideas

  • Constructed garment or accessory
  • Selected outfit
  • Recycled project with worn out blue jeans
  • Ironing techniques
  • Stain removal techniques
  • Educational display featuring new fabrics and why they were made (bulletproof vests, antibacterial, wicking)

Learning Resources