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Weed Control: Noxious Weeds

Updated March 11, 2022

Paul O. Johnson

SDSU Extension Weed Science Coordinator

Written collaboratively by Paul O. Johnson, David Vos, Jill Alms, and Leon Wrage

Herbicides for Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weed Recommendations: Herbicides for pasture, range, and non-crop areas, including roadside and other right-of-way that may be harvested for hay or grazed, are given a priority.

Non-Crop Areas: Non-cropland is defined for herbicide purposes as areas not used to produce food or feed crops during the time herbicide residue remains in the soil. Non-crop areas include parking lots, utility storage areas and some rights-of-way. Pasture, range and hay land are cropland.

Herbicides: Herbicides are listed by trade name except where the active ingredient is available in several products. The common name (in parentheses) follows the first listing of the trade name. Product labels for the same active ingredient vary. Herbicides included are those considered for most situations and those generally available. The order in which herbicides are listed does not reflect control results. Right-of-ways are frequently grazed or used for hay, therefore grazing and haying restrictions should be considered when selecting herbicides.