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A John Deere Max Emerge XP corn planter behind a Case IH Magnum 335 with AFS precision farming system.

Why Precision Agriculture?

When precision agriculture comes into a conversation a few questions arise. Three of those questions might be: What is precision agriculture? How does precision agriculture make our farm more profitable? What do I do with all this data?

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sunflower head with maggots

What Are Those Small Brown Things Sticking Out of Sunflower Heads?

A few days ago, I received a couple of calls about small orange/tan colored sacs sticking out of sunflower heads and small black spots on heads. The brown structures are sunflower seed maggot pupae and the damage described is caused by its larvae.


A sprawling, planted field with young crops emerging

Crop Rotation in Farm Management 

Crop rotation has long been considered an important farm practice. In 2013 producers had to stray from their well thought out crop rotations when the winter wheat crop in South Dakota failed.

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