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Multiple grasshoppers feeding on a corn ear.

Don’t Let Grasshoppers Decrease Your Yields

Throughout the 2023 growing season, grasshopper populations have been causing problems. Those problems aren’t over yet, and we won’t be able to stop monitoring grasshopper activity until the crops are harvested.

Red sunflower seed weevil adult.

Malathion: Emergency crisis exemption for red sunflower seed weevil in South Dakota from Aug. 16-31

An emergency crisis exemption for Malathion has been approved for red sunflower seed weevil control in sunflowers in South Dakota from August 16-31, 2023. Learn everything you need to know before applying it to sunflower crops before the deadline.

Red-brown colored weevil with bent antennae originating on the elongated mouthparts.

Red Sunflower Seed Weevils Emerging in South Dakota

Red sunflower seed weevil adults are emerging in South Dakota and some have been observed in sunflower fields. Learn how to scout and manage this pest before it impacts your sunflowers.

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

Green bee on yellow flower.

Time to Spray Sunflowers: Don’t Forget About the Pollinators

As sunflowers in South Dakota begin to reach the flowering stages, it is important to remember that, in addition to insect pests, there are also pollinators visiting these flowers.

Gray beetle with long antennae that are alternating white and black pattern on green leaf petiole.

Another Year of Dectes Stem Borer Issues in Sunflower?

Based on the current drought conditions in our sunflower production areas, it is likely that Dectes stem borer will cause issues earlier than normal in the areas experiencing drought.

Red-brown colored weevil with bent antennae originating on the elongated mouthparts.

Red Sunflower Seed Weevil Populations Are Active in South Dakota

Red sunflower seed weevils are active in South Dakota sunflowers. Scouting should begin for fields that are going to be reaching the R5 stage within the next week.

Cream colored larvae feeding on sunflower seed.

An identification guide for Sunflower Insect Pests in South Dakota

Identification guide to assist with insect identification and management in sunflowers.

Brown to orange worm like insect larvae on brown soil.

Wireworms Causing Problems in South Dakota Sunflowers

Some sunflowers in South Dakota are currently being attacked by wireworms. Wireworms are the larvae of click beetles, which are easily observed throughout the summer.

Left: Squash bee adult. Right: Male long-horned bee.

Beneficial Pollinators: Squash Bees and Long-Horned Bees

South Dakota is home to more than 400 species of native bees. In this article, we will highlight the squash bee and the long-horned bee, two beneficial native pollinators.