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Storm Damage

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Derecho storm approaching the SDSU campus in Brookings.

Remembering the May 12, 2022 Derecho

Roughly one year later, the catastrophic damage of the May 2022 derecho will not soon be forgotten. Take a look back at the storm's impact and gain some perspective on the environmental conditions that led up to it.

Cornfield damaged by strong winds.

Wind Injury in Corn

In the aftermath of severe weather, levels of wind damage in corn can vary greatly from field to field. How plants recover largely depends on wind velocity and corn growth stage.

Infographic with steps that say 4 hours in a refrigerator, 48 hours in a full freezer, and 24 hours in a half-full freezer.

Power Outages and Your Cold Foods

South Dakota is no stranger to power outages and power surges from weather events. Learn some key actions to take before, during and after power outages to keep your cold foods safe.

a business checklist written on a pad with a pen. Photo by Eilis Maynard, FEMA

Communities Facing Disasters: Helpful Checklists

Whether communities are planning for, experiencing, or recovering from a disaster, checklists are helpful. View some helpful checklists created by experienced people who know what is needed during any stage of a disaster.

Small business "Muddy River Hobbies" with sandbags in front of entrance. Photo by Jeannie Mooney, FEMA.

Managing Disaster Recovery for Your Small Business

What do you do when your small business is hit by a disaster such as a flood, tornado, fire or other natural disaster? Many times, with the day to day work of operating a business, we sometimes forget about what we have in our disaster plan.

A whiteboard outside a home pantry with a shopping list and a stock list.

Helpful Food & Shopping Tips During Unexpected Events

When faced with unexpected events, such as a health crisis or natural disaster, planning meals and grocery shopping often comes to mind along with questions: What should I plan to make? What groceries do I need?

Hail-damaged corn field.

Are Fungicides Needed on Crops Damaged by Wind, Sand Blasting or Hail?

When extreme weather brings hail and sand blasting to fields, many growers wonder if a fungicide application is needed afterwards to protect wounded plants from bacterial diseases.

Yard and garden damaged by high winds.

Never Underestimate Mother Nature

We know that weather is unpredictable, and every gardener will eventually have to deal with damage caused by weather. Learn some tips that will help you give your plants a fighting chance after extreme weather events.

Storm debris in a pasture.

Dealing With Storm Debris in Pastures and Hay Fields

Storm debris in pastures and forage-producing fields can pose a significant health risks to livestock. Learns some expert tips for mitigating risks and protecting your animals.

Sunset over two grain bins in a field.

Inspecting Grain Bins After a Windstorm

Due to their high profile and light structure, metal grain bins are highly susceptible to wind damage. View a step-by-step guide for inspecting them in the aftermath of a windstorm.