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Requirements for Selling Food

All Requirements for Selling Food Content

Five jars of canned stewed tomatoes sitting on a gray kitchen towel with a gray background.

Food Safety Product Evaluation Request Form

Form to request a Food Safety Product Evaluation

Hand holding meat thermometer to check the doneness of grilled steaks.


Food safety education is essential from field to table for entrepreneurs, consumers and businesses.

Bottles of maple syrup arranged on a table.

Selling Maple Syrup at a Farmer’s Market

Maple syrup is a delicious food that goes well with many foods. There has been some increased interest in understanding how to process maple syrup safely in order to sell it at a farmer’s market or at retail.

A hand grabbing a loaf of bread from a shelf labeled "gluten-free"

Gluten Free Product Claim Guidance

While “gluten-free” is a voluntary claim that manufacturers may choose to use in the labeling of their foods, FDA’s gluten-free food labeling rule specifies what the claim actually means on a food label.

Three canning jars filled with cucumber slices.

South Dakota Cottage Home Processing Food Safety

The Cottage Home Processing Food Safety course serves as the approved food safety training for HB1322.

An uncooked, seasoned whole chicken on a cutting board with fresh vegetables.

Selling Poultry at a Farmers Market in South Dakota

Poultry exemptions can be difficult to interpret. This article was developed to address some of the questions small growers may have regarding poultry exemptions for selling at the farmers market in South Dakota.

A white egg carton against a black background. The carton has read text reading, "Best Before" along with a red seal reading "USDA 'A' Grade".

Selling and Distributing Eggs in South Dakota

If planning to sell eggs in the state of South Dakota, an egg dealer license must be obtained annually. The application for this license can be found and printed from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Form Finder website.

Bottles of on-farm pasteurized and packaged whole milk.

Selling Grade A and B Dairy and Dairy Products in South Dakota

There has been an interest in manufacturing and processing dairy products by South Dakota food entrepreneurs. Learn everything you need to know about the basic requirements for processing and selling Grade A and Grade B dairy and dairy products in our state.

Interior of a licensed commercial kitchen.

South Dakota Licensed Kitchen Process

Interested in selling food products in a retail establishments? Licensed kitchens are the place to start. Learn the steps for building a licensed kitchen in South Dakota along with rules, regulations and guidelines for processing foods in existing licensed kitchens.

Woman preparing fresh herbs for canning in glass jars.

SDSU Extension offers training on updated Cottage Food Laws

October 23, 2023

South Dakota State University is providing training for food processors who would like to sell food products from their homes following updates to the state’s cottage food laws earlier this year.