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Growing Wheat

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During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.


Cover Crops

The benefits of planting cover crops are numerous. 

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The SDSU Extension team provides unbiased, research-based information to help wheat growers make decisions to improve yields and profits.

Several, golden-brown heads of wheat growing in a field.
Jan 30

Small Grain Crop Hour

January 30-February 1: Wheat diseases, insects, variety trials, nutrient management, and seed certification

wheat field

Spring Wheat Variety Trial Results

The 2023 spring wheat reports include data from 10 locations with regional summaries.

yellow-green grasshopper with black chevron markings on its hind leg sitting on a tan surface.

Grasshoppers May Be an Issue for Winter Wheat This Fall

We have recently observed large populations of grasshoppers in Southeast and Western South Dakota. Due to their destructive feeding habits, it is very important to monitor their populations prior to and during winter wheat planting.

Wheat field with poor stand emergence.

Assessing Winter Wheat Stands

After long, tough winters, producers often have concerns about winter wheat stands. Learn some tips for assessing plant stands and deciding what to do with your wheat plantings this spring.

Emerging soybean seedlings with chilling injury.

Chilling Injury

Concerned about row crop emergence due to cool spring weather? Learn what crops are most vulnerable to chilling injury and how you can mitigate risk during spring planting.

Winter wheat emerging in a flooded field.

Effects of Spring Flooding in Winter Wheat

Every winter, growers are curious if their winter wheat will survive the winter. Learn some key factors that determine plant survival along with tips for assessing your fields this spring.

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South Dakota Fertilizer Rate Guidelines Calculator for Corn, Soybean, and Wheat

Calculator for Fertilizer Guidelines for Corn, Soybean and Wheat in South Dakota