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Famers Market Regulations

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A man in a pickup truck picking up a bag of farmers market food at a pickup table being serviced by two women in personal protective gear.

Farmers Markets and COVID-19

Farmers markets are a very important sector in South Dakota. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a great deal of concern on trying to keep these markets open, while providing a safe environment for consumers to shop. This article is a guide to help farmers markets set up their operation in a manner that will best protect consumers and allow for continuation of operations.

A hand grabbing a loaf of bread from a shelf labeled "gluten-free"

Gluten Free Product Claim Guidance

While “gluten-free” is a voluntary claim that manufacturers may choose to use in the labeling of their foods, FDA’s gluten-free food labeling rule specifies what the claim actually means on a food label.

Male merchant weighing a green gourd on a digital scale at a farmers market.

Food Safety for South Dakota Farmers Market Vendors: Regulations and Best Practices

Farmers markets provide a valuable market outlet for local farmers and allow consumers to purchase healthy local produce and other foods. To protect this key market, it is essential that food sold at farmers markets is produced and processed according to the relevant governmental rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Rows of bottled juice on display at a farmers market.

Selling Juice in South Dakota

Understanding the regulations for selling juice in the state of South Dakota can be difficult to navigate. This article was developed to address some of the questions around juice at retail as well as selling juice at a Farmer’s Market and to also ensure that seller’s may be well informed to ensure they are selling juice that meets regulatory requirements as well ensuring the product is safe.

A male vendor serving a strawberry sample to an older woman at a farmers market stand.

Food Safety from Production to the Farmers Market

Food safety is an important issue at farmers markets. Customers expect the food and products they purchase to be grown and handled so that they will be safe to consume. Vendors have a responsibility to grow and handle food using good food safety practices.

Variety of fresh vegetables in blue plastic totes on a table at a farmers market.

Food and Product Regulations for the Farmers Market

Food safety regulations can come from the federal, state or local government. This article provides information on numerous regulatory topics as they apply to vendors and market managers involved with farmers markets.

A white egg carton against a black background. The carton has read text reading, "Best Before" along with a red seal reading "USDA 'A' Grade".

Selling and Distributing Eggs in South Dakota

If planning to sell eggs in the state of South Dakota, an egg dealer license must be obtained annually. The application for this license can be found and printed from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Form Finder website.

Several sealed cartons of apple cider in a red milk crate.

Direct Marketing of Fruit and Processed Fruit Products by Growers and Food Processors at Farmers Markets Within the State of South Dakota (Intrastate)

Growers and food processors that market fruits at the farmers market often have questions regarding the regulations for selling fruit products. The regulations are in place to address the food safety risks associated with different fruit products and the manner in which they are marketed.

Three men inspecting meat from a freezer at an outdoor market.

Regulatory Requirements for Selling Meat at Farmers Markets

Producers selling meat raised on their farm at a farmers market or other venue need to be in compliance with a number of state and federal regulations. According to USDA FSIS regulations, meat sold direct to consumers at farmers markets or other local venue must be processed at either a Federal or State Inspected processing facility.

An uncooked, seasoned whole chicken on a cutting board with fresh vegetables.

Selling Poultry at a Farmers Market in South Dakota

Poultry exemptions can be difficult to interpret. This article was developed to address some of the questions small growers may have regarding poultry exemptions for selling at the farmers market in South Dakota.