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Extreme Heat

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White goat resting in a drought-stressed pasture.

Heat Stress in Small Ruminants

The Upper Midwest provides periods of extreme heat during summer and shorter periods of heat stress potential during spring and fall. Are your sheep and goats cool enough in their environment?

Rain gauge on a fence post along a well-managed rangeland area.

Five Range Management Principles: #5 Climate Ready

Understanding your ranching system is critical, and identifying anticipated soil-plant-animal responses during periods of dry, wet, or normal conditions will enable you to develop climate-ready practices. Learn how to get started today!

Aborted tomato flowers, yellow tomato shoulders, sunburned squash.

Heat Causes Problems With Garden Produce

When temperatures warm over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, gardeners will often see a decline in vegetable performance. Learn about some common issues that arise during extreme temperatures and what you can do to manage them.

Heat-stressed cow in feedlot.

Heat Stress Forecasting Apps Available

Early summer heat stress in feedlot cattle is often triggered by rapid changes in temperature and humidity before cattle become acclimated to warmer conditions. Learn about some management tools that you can use to protect your herd.

Drought-stressed corn field.

Drought and Heat Effects on Corn Production

Nearly every season in South Dakota there are periods of hot, dry weather in at least parts of the state. While we have no control over the weather, producers can prepare for drought stress by using proactive practices.

Group of mixed cattle in a hot, dusty feedlot.

SDSU Extension Encourages Producers to Prepare for Extreme Heat Temperatures

August 02, 2022

SDSU Extension provides resources to help livestock producers prepare for extreme temperatures. With temperatures expected to rise into the upper 90s over the next week, it is important for producers to prepare and have proper mitigation strategies in place.

A lush, green lawn with a few scattered weeds throughout.

Use Caution With Turf Herbicide Applications During Extreme Heat and Drought

Dry conditions cause weeds to be under stress. This decreases herbicide effectiveness with annual, biannual and perennial plants. So, is there a safe option for weed control in yards during high temperatures and dry conditions?

calf with mother cow in pasture

Effects of Shipping and Heat Stress on Embryonic Mortality in Cattle

Fact sheets on the effect of shipping and heat stress on embryonic mortality in cattle.

Gardener deeply watering a vegetable garden in the early morning.

Protecting Plants From Heat Stress

When summer temperatures soar with no sign of a break, it is hard on humans and plants. Learn some tips that will help protect plants from heat stress, including soil protection, watering considerations and providing shade.

Small herd of dairy cattle in an outdoor lot.

Managing Stress in Dairy Cows

Which stressors are your dairy cows experiencing? The economic effects of stress can be significant, so developing a strategy to manage it can be profitable.