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Drought: Business/Economics

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an image of outdoor weather monitoring equipment in a field

Climate and Weather

View resources to predict, prepare and recover from weather-related events year-round, including the latest drought and flood information.

Two angus crossbred calves.

Sell the Feeder Calf, or Create a Yearling?

Fall brings many weaning and selling time decisions for cattle operations. Learn some expert tips for evaluating your current situation and making informed management decisions given the price of calves, feed, and the futures market.

Group of mixed, brown cattle being moved into a feed yard.

Culling Decisions Due to Drought

Learn some key considerations for developing culling strategies that align with the goals and objectives of your operation when facing potential prolonged drought conditions.

Several bales of hay stacked in a shed.

Planning Forage Needs

Inventorying and planning for hay and other forage feed needs is essential every year, especially when production is uncertain due to drought or excess moisture.

Sunrise over South Dakota farmland.

Variances in Working Capital to Gross Farm Revenues

Learn some of the key differences in working capital to gross revenue among farm types, level of gross sales and by net income.

Two producers reviewing financial paperwork in a farm office.

Farm’s Target for Working Capital

Working capital provides a first line of defense for financial stress and an opportunity to take advantage of bargains that may arise. Learn how to calculate it and determine strategic targets for your operation.

a business checklist written on a pad with a pen. Photo by Eilis Maynard, FEMA

Communities Facing Disasters: Helpful Checklists

Whether communities are planning for, experiencing, or recovering from a disaster, checklists are helpful. View some helpful checklists created by experienced people who know what is needed during any stage of a disaster.

Small business "Muddy River Hobbies" with sandbags in front of entrance. Photo by Jeannie Mooney, FEMA.

Managing Disaster Recovery for Your Small Business

What do you do when your small business is hit by a disaster such as a flood, tornado, fire or other natural disaster? Many times, with the day to day work of operating a business, we sometimes forget about what we have in our disaster plan.

Group of mixed cattle grazing drought-stressed pasture.

SDSU Extension Provides Drought Management Resources

June 08, 2022

The U.S. Drought Monitor continues to classify parts of South Dakota in some level of drought. SDSU Extension has a variety of tools and resources to assist producers with drought decision making.

Color-coded map of the United States showing precipitation outlook for May 2022. The majority of South Dakota is predicted to have above-average precipitation.

May 2022 Drought and Climate Outlook

The May climate outlook favors cooler and wetter than average conditions. It is possible producers could experience some short-term drought relief, with a return to drought or re-intensifying in the mid-summer season.