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corn field with sunrise in the background

Best Management Practices for Corn Production

iGrow Corn is your unbiased, research-based guide to corn production, providing the latest recommendations to help increase yield, reduce input costs and protect your investment.

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

corn field with sunrise in the background


Nearly one out of every three dollars generated by South Dakota agriculture starts in a corn field. Two of every three rows of corn become ethanol.

Eight green beetles in the top portion of the image and seven yellow beetles with varying black stripes in the bottom portion of the image.

Corn Rootworm Adults Are Active in South Dakota

We have been observing a lot of corn rootworm adults in South Dakota. The emergence of these primarily underground pests can provide insight into field population levels and the potential for future root injury.

Black beetle with a red head on soybean leaf.

Redheaded Flea Beetles Are Active in South Dakota

Redheaded flea beetles are now active in soybean. Although they haven’t caused significant defoliation yet, their activity should be monitored, as other defoliating insects are also present in soybean.

A pasture containing a mixture of grasses and alfalfa.

Grasshopper Activity Is Ramping Up

We have already observed increased grasshopper activity in many areas of the state and, depending on the 2022 season, they may become problematic in crops.

A metallic blue-green tiger beetle feeding on a light green caterpillar.

Tiger Beetles: Beneficial Predators and Ecosystem Health Indicators

Tiger beetles are generalist predators, meaning they prey on a wide variety of pests. Observing them in a landscape is a great sign that an ecosystem is healthy and supporting a diversity of both prey and predators.

A thin brown insect with two white spots on its side hoisting a yellow insect up with its mouthparts.

Biocontrol Agents: Brown Lacewings

With so many insect pests causing concern for both gardeners and farmers, it’s important to know which ones are on our side. In this article, we focus on the brown lacewing and the beneficial role it plays within the landscape.

A fly with a metallic body, long legs, and clear wings with smoky markings.

Flying Gems: Long-Legged Flies

Whether scouting for pests in crops or in a garden, chances are you’ve encountered a long-legged fly. These insects provide essential biocontrol of many insect pests and should be encouraged in the landscape.

Purple-brown caterpillar with orange head on a green corn leaf.

Common Stalk Borer Activity Estimate: June 9, 2022

In some areas of South Dakota, we have reached enough degree days that common stalk borer caterpillars will begin moving into corn from weedy hosts along the edges of fields.