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Producers reviewing paperwork in a farm office.


Modern agriculture requires savvy financial planning and strategy.

A screenshot of the ag land soil tables tool.

South Dakota Ag Land Soil Tables Tool

The Ag Land Soil Tables Tool allows users to view soil data and download data by county to further understand the soil rating system. It can help appraisers make baseline agricultural land assessments and determine if adjustments from baseline are needed.

stack of coins with faded chart lines showing in the foreground

South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends

The 2021 South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension Farm Real Estate Market Survey is the 31st annual survey of agricultural land values and cash rental rates by land use and quality in different regions of South Dakota.

Soybean seed drill planting soybeans. Courtesy: Soybean Checkoff [CC BY 2.0].

Improve Soybean Profitability by Reducing Input Costs

While declining prices and increasing costs considerably reduce profit for soybean production, there are certain input costs that might be reduced to increase profitability.

Farmer signing a lease on the tailgate of a pickup.

Oral Lease Agreements Automatically Renew September 1, 2020

September 1, 2020 is the automatic renewal date for all oral land lease agreements in South Dakota. Per South Dakota codified law, landowners and renters must notify all parties involved in the existing lease, in writing, by September 1.

several cattlemen on horseback moving a herd of cattle at pasture

Cow Share Agreements

Getting started in the cattle business can be tricky for beginning cattlemen due to the amount of capital investment needed upfront.