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4-H Foods & Nutrition Project

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4-H exhibits displayed in a large room


Project resources help 4-H members learn about everything from aerospace to workforce readiness.

female youth cooking ground beef in a frying pan

4-H Food Science Project

If you have ever baked a cake or even eaten an apple, you have taken part in food science. Food science encompasses how our body utilizes food (nutrition) as well as what changes food goes through on its way to our plates (food safety and preparation).

male 4-H youth preparing a salad in a silver mixing bowl

4-H Special Foods Contest Project

The 4-H special foods contest is your door to an epic culinary adventure. Explore resources at your fingertips: Facebook, Pinterest, or Grandma’s cookbooks.

cans of various jams and jellies on a shelf

4-H Food Preservation Project

Food preservation is a way to enjoy fresh-grown fruits, meats and vegetables all year! Many every day foods we eat are preserved by canning, pickling, freezing or drying.