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Reading for Resilience

Updated December 12, 2023

Audrey Rider

SDSU Extension Early Childhood Field Specialist

SDSU Extension Early Childhood Field Specialist Audrey Rider reading a book to a group of four children.
Courtesy: SDSU Extension

Caregivers play a significant role in young children’s emotional development in addition to helping them cope. Using children’s literature in an interactive way, caregivers can help children heal. Using an engaging format, Read for Resilience may help children better understand their experiences and improve their coping skills.

These books can be used to support children’s coping and understanding of their feelings after experiencing a major stressor, disaster, loss, and/or grief.  Free storybook reading guides accompany the books.

For questions or to obtain books and guides, please contact Audrey Rider, SDSU Extension Early Childhood Field Specialist.

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