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Pig Squeak: Bergenia cordifolia ‘Winterglut’ (Winterglow)

Updated April 03, 2019

David Graper

Professor Emeritus of Horticulture Science

plant with thick, green leaves and clusters of pink, cup-shaped flowers.

Bergenia is a great plant for many different types of sites in the garden performing well in shady locations to full sun, if extra moisture is provided. It looks great as a single specimen plant or planted in groups of five or more.   Bergenia is not invasive, spreading slowly as new basal shoots develop on the plant. Lovely magenta-pink flowers emerge in early spring at about the same time that new foliage unfurls. The flower color of other varieties can range from white to dark pink. Soon the leaves spread out to about a foot wide and develop a nice glossy texture. The common name of “Pig Squeak” is derived from the sound one can make by rubbing a leaf with your fingers which will make a sound similar to that of a pig.

When temperatures cool and days shorten in the fall, the leaves take on a burgundy color. The foliage is very freeze tolerant so it will look good all fall. It will persist through the winter, especially if given some mulch or snow cover. In the spring, simply cut back the old leaves to make room for the fresh foliage to emerge.

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