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Funeral Planning

Updated March 27, 2024

Leacey Brown

SDSU Extension Gerontology Field Specialist

Written by Paige Madsen, former SDSU Extension Gerontology AmeriCorps VISTA Member, under the direction and review of Leacey E. Brown.

It can be difficult to plan exactly what you want to have done with your body following your death, but this planning is extremely important not only to your family, but for yourself as well.

A Checklist:

  1. Create your will.
    • What will happen to all of your items?
    • Will you want anything donated to charity?
    • What will happen to any family heirlooms that you may have?
    • What will happen to your pets?
  2. How do you want to be buried?
    • Cremation?
    • In ground or above ground burial?
    • Natural burial?
  3. Choose your grave marker and the type of funeral you would like.
  4. Choose your pallbearers as well as who will give your eulogy.
    • Make sure that all of these individuals know what you would like them to do.
    • Be clear with your intentions and have it all written down.
  5. Be aware of funeral costs.
    • A funeral can cost anywhere from 4,000-10,000 dollars depending on your preferred funeral.
    • How do you intend to pay for your funeral as not to leave bills for loves ones?

The need for a funeral may come up unexpectedly, so it is important to have some sense of your wishes as soon as possible.

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