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Taylor Grussing

SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Mitchell Regional Center
1800 E Spruce St
Mitchell, SD 57301

Taylor Grussing is a Cow/Calf Field Specialist with SDSU Extension located at the Mitchell Regional Extension Center. She focuses on cow/calf management, specifically in the areas of heifer development and reproduction. Taylor has created a signature heifer development program for South Dakota involving an annual webinar, tour and conference. In addition, she works collaboratively to conduct artificial insemination schools and forage field days across the state each year.

Also by Taylor Grussing

five beef cows standing in a pasture

Using Estrous Synchronization in Natural-Service Breeding Situations

Estrous synchronization is typically associated with artificial insemination (AI) programs, and is therefore often viewed as impractical or impossible to use within natural-service herds.

A group of black angus cows grazing in a late spring field.

Defining a Breeding Season

Despite the continued slow planting conditions, breeding season is here for cow/calf operations. Many folks have considered moving the calving season in order to avoid the recent annual April blizzard in the Upper Midwest.

Round hay bales wrapped with net wrap in a stack.

How Will You Make Hay This Year?

With plenty of spring moisture, hay season will be here before you know it. Have you considered the type of binding material you will use to put up hay this year?