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Sara Bauder

SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist


South Dakota State University
Mitchell Regional Center
1800 E. Spruce St.
Mitchell, SD 57301

Also by Sara Bauder

A green combine dumps soybean grain into a green wagon at dusk in South Dakota.

A Safe Harvest

Personal safety can be easier said than done when running on little sleep and working through the thick of harvest. Learn some important safety tips to keep you and your operation safe during this busy time of the year.

Hail-damaged soybean field with storm clouds in the background.

Making the Best of Hail-Damaged Row Crops

Late-season hail damage can leave growers wondering what to do next. Before deciding what to do with your hail-damaged fields, take some time to consider a variety of management options.

Hand examining drought-stressed soybeans in the field.

Salvaging Drought-Stressed Soybeans as Feed

One of the more popular questions we’ve been receiving lately involves using soybeans as forage. Although the soybeans planted for grain are not typically bred for forage use, we can salvage the crop for said forage if need be.