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Sara Bauder

SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist

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hand examining clump of soil organic matter
Dec 03

2019 Managing Soil: Maximizing Profit @ Colton

SDSU Extension in collaboration with the Soil & Water Conservation Society will be hosting a workshop in Sioux Falls on Dec. 3 at the Taopi Hall (102 E. 3rd St., Colton, SD 57018).

Corn, Soil Fertility, Soil Health, Cover Crops, Crop Management, Conservation

Three, four-wheel drive John Deere tractors, pushing up chopped corn silage into a drive over pile on a dairy farm.

Moisture is Critical When Harvesting Silage During a Wet Year

October 09, 2019

With many flooded and saturated fields in South Dakota this fall, harvesting silage before corn dries past desired moisture levels or frost occurs may be a challenge for some producers.

Silage, Crop Management, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Corn, Forage

A group of brown cattle foraging in a green field.

Prussic Acid Poisoning

As the first frost date approaches, producers often have concerns about the risk of prussic acid poisoning in livestock. Certain forage plants, especially sorghums and related species are associated with an increased risk of death loss because of prussic acid poisoning.