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Russ Daly

Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, State Public Health Veterinarian


Animal Disease Research 107 Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences-Box 2175 University Station Brookings, SD 57007
Extension veterinarian - Serve as resource on animal health issues for veterinarians, Extension professionals and educators, allied professionals and livestock producers.

Also by Russ Daly

Brown and white cow grazing on standing cornstalks

Considerations for Grazing Standing Corn

Grazing standing corn is a viable option to supply nutrients to livestock. However, mitigating risk is critical to ensure healthy animals and optimize crops.

Russ Daly standing in front of a herd of cattle

Five Tips to Keeping Livestock Vaccines Viable on Farm

September 09, 2021

Whether the producer/veterinarian team chooses an inactivated or modified-live virus vaccination program, Daly says it’s important that the vaccines don’t go past their prime.

five beef cows standing in a pasture

Livestock Vaccines: How They Work and How to Ensure They Do Their Job

Fact sheet about vaccine basics and tips to maintain vaccine viability for cattle producers.