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Russ Daly

Professor, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, State Public Health Veterinarian


Animal Disease Research 107
Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences-Box 2175
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007

Russ serves as a resource on animal health issues for veterinarians, Extension professionals and educators, allied professionals and livestock producers.

State & Regional Offices

SDSU Campus

Also by Russ Daly

Photo montage of person mowing grass with a push mower, a horse fly, a rabbit, and a tick.

Tularemia in Animals in South Dakota

Tularemia is a relatively rare, but serious, disease that has potential to cause disease in people through their contact with infected animals or insect vectors. Learn how it's transmitted, diagnosed and treated.

An ear of corn in a field with visible white mold on the tip of the ear.

Can Livestock Utilize Moldy Grain?

While livestock producers know that moldy grain and forage are not ideal feedstuffs, they also know that stored feed occasionally contains a small amount of visible mold, and that their animals consume it with no obvious adverse effects. The question arises, how much mold is too much for a feed to be unsuitable for animals?

A close shot of a cow's eye. The cow seems to be in pain.

Veterinarians Remind South Dakota Cattle Producers To Include Anthrax Vaccination This Spring

May 23, 2022

SDSU Extension and South Dakota Animal Industry Board veterinarians are encouraging South Dakota cattle producers to include the anthrax vaccine in their vaccination program when they turn out cattle to summer pastures this spring.