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Matthew Elliott

SDSU Extension Agribusiness Specialist

Also by Matthew Elliott

water near a corn field

Ag Land Assessment

The Ag Land Highest and Best Use (HBU) study was funded by a special appropriation in the 2016 Legislative Session (HB1007).

A family farm with the sun setting in the background.

USDA-ARMS Survey Data: Benefits for university agriculture research & outreach

Conducted since the mid-1990s, the USDA Agricultural Management Resource Survey (ARMS) is a multi-phase, multi-level nationwide survey of agricultural producers that collects information on a large sample of farms and their characteristics.

a graphic image of South Dakota with multiple colors

Grain Merchant and Processor Consolidation, Concentration, and Competition

A general trend in the last century has been for greater consolidation among Grain Merchants and Oilseed Millers and Processors. The U.S. Census Bureau tracks the number of firms and/or establishments and value of sales (market size) by industry sector every 5 years as a part of the Economic Census. In addition to the number of firms and sales, the Census Bureau publishes concentration ratios for each sector. One concentration ratio they publish is the amount of sales attributed to the four largest firms in that sector. The percentage of sales of the 4 largest firms is a measure that aids in identifying the type of market structure that exists.